The Golden Cage by Camilla Lackberg, 3 Stars

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. Okay, maybe there is no way that quarantine is the best of times. I’m having so much trouble concentrating on books, still! And I feel like it’s unfair to books that would normally be average in my eyes because the time I am taking to read them makes them a bit painful.

And my TBR list! It’s so stressful. Which, I admit, is dumb. Why should I pressure myself about all the amazing books I have just waiting for me to read them? I should savor them, relish each delicious page. Except instead I’m behaving like a starving animal. Tearing through each one and feeling bad for the ones I’m not quite able to get to yet.

Anyone else feeling stir-crazy and unbalanced? While there is a lot to be grateful for right now, the fact remains that it is kind of the worst of times.

Which brings me to today’s review-The Golden Cage.

From the Publisher:

An exhilarating new novel from a global superstar–a sexy, over-the-top psychological thriller that tells the story of the scorned wife of a billionaire and her delicious plot to get her revenge and bring him to his knees.

Faye has loved Jack since they were students at business school. Jack, the perpetual golden boy, grew up wealthy, unlike Faye, who has worked hard to bury a dark past. When Jack needs help launching a new company, Faye leaves school to support him, waitressing by day and working as his strategist by night. With the business soaring, Faye and Jack have a baby, and Faye finds herself at home, caring for their daughter, wealthier than she ever imagined, but more and more removed from the excitement of the business world. And none of the perks of wealth make up for the fact that Jack has begun to treat her coldly, undermining her intelligence and forgetting all she sacrificed for his success. When Faye discovers that he’s having an affair, the polished façade of their life cracks wide open. Faye is alone, emotionally shattered, and financially devastated–but hell hath no fury like a woman with a violent past bent on vengeance. Jack is about to get exactly what he deserves–and so much more. In this splashy, electrifying story of sex, betrayal, and secrets, a woman’s revenge is a brutal but beautiful thing.

My Review:

Publisher’s Weekly called The Golden Cage, Sexy… exquisite… scorching.” And I feel mean being this blunt, but I wonder if they read a different book than I did? I thought the book was okay, but as far as a sexy, thrilling story of betrayal and revenge, I just didn’t get that.

Faye is very smart and very savvy, and somehow gives it all up for Jack, the man she has had her eye on since her coed days. And right off the bat, I don’t buy it. I know some men hide their true nature well, but for the most part, if you are a smart, sensible woman with good instincts, you can smell them coming from a mile away.

Not only that but she has given up on herself, gaining weight, becoming bored and mainly being a trophy wife who has lost her shine. And I just don’t feel that Faye could be both that, and a genius business women and a superficial trophy wife. Does she really think Jack loves her THAT much?

But of course, when he strays–as they inevitably do–she finds herself again, rises from the ashes and deliberately and slowly builds her revenge. I did think the book picked at this point, but I just wasn’t feeling the deep satisfaction that an amazing book can bring. I guess just not my cup of tea.

Special thanks to Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and Netgalley for an advanced e-galley in exchange for my honest review. This one is out July 7! Pre-order your copy and support your favorite Indie:


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