You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, 5 Stars

There is just something so magical about the writing partnership between Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. They are truly a match made in heave. I loved their first book together, The Wife Between Us. Next came An Anonymous Girl, also amazing. And now, You Are Not Alone is equally as amazing.

It might the book of the year, although it’s so hard to say that in January, but look at the buzz, people!

One of Newsweek‘s Most Anticipated Books of 2020
One of SheReads Most Anticipated Books of 2020
One of PopSugar’s Most Anticipated Books of 2020
One of HelloGiggles’ Most Anticipated Books of 2020
One of Marie Claire’s Best Fiction by Women in 2020
One of Woman’s Day’s Best Fiction Books Coming Out in 2020

It’s hard to find authors whose books are a sure thing. But this duo has done it every single time so far. I don’t know how they do it! So without further ado or too much gushing..on to the review.

From the Publisher:

Shay Miller wants to find love, but it eludes her. She wants to be fulfilled, but her job is a dead end. She wants to belong, but her life is increasingly lonely.

Until Shay meets the Moore sisters. Cassandra and Jane live a life of glamorous perfection, and always get what they desire. When they invite Shay into their circle, everything seems to get better.

Shay would die for them to like her.
She may have to.

My Review:

I loved Shay as a character. Don’t get me wrong, she’s slightly pathetic, but she’s a women in her early thirties, successful enough but devastatingly single. And she’s gone and done what every girl needs to avoid- she’s fallen in love with her best friend and roommate who has gone and fallen in love with someone else. But Shay is all of us. She’s all our insecurities.

Things are bad enough for her, when on a Sunday morning, while trying to escape the love birds back at her apartment, she witnesses a suicide. A pretty woman in a polka dot dress throws herself in front of a train right before her eyes. Shay is shocked and saddened and curious about this other woman.

As it turns out, this horrible experience has led her to befriend two stylish and amazing sisters, Cassandra and Jane. They are fun, caring, elegant, and they are helping Shay become her best self. Or are they?

This one is an amazing read. The characters are well developed and relatable. The story is at times shocking, but fully also realistic and doesn’t seem outside the realm of things that can happen. I’ve watched Dateline, I know!

I’d recommend You Are Not Alone to just about anyone. It’s Emily Giffin meets Gillian Flynn, there’s a little someone for everyone. Special thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press. You made my day when you approved my request! This one is out March 3, 2020. Pre-order your copy.


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