The Last Thing She Remembers by J.S. Monroe, 3.5 Stars

It can be hard sometimes reading a book on a Kindle. I like the ease and the fact that I can “pack” 5 long books for vacation and all I need to bring is my little Kindle. And for Mother’s Day recently, the hubs got me a Paperwhite Kindle, so that is all kinds of awesome not needing a book light (super late adapter here.)

But it can be hard when you either feel like you’ve been reading forever and you don’t have that stack of read pages to make you feel good about yourself. Or, when you feel like you’ve barely read anything at all and the book seems to be ending. So you check, and you’re only halfway in.

That happened to me with The Last Thing She Remembers. It was one of those books where the main theory seems to wrap itself up about halfway through. But with half of the book left, everything shifts!

From the Publisher:

She arrives at the train station only to realize her bag had been stolen—her passport, credit cards, laptop, house key now all gone. And even more disturbing, when she goes to report the incident, she can’t recall her own name. All she has on her is a train ticket home.

Suffering from stress-induced amnesia, the woman without a name is a source of mystery when she appears at the sleepy Wiltshire village where she thought she lived. She quickly becomes a source of conspiracy and fear among the townspeople. Why does one think he recognizes her from years earlier? And why do the local police take such a strong interest in her arrival?

From the critically acclaimed author of Find Me comes a shocking new tale of dark pasts and deception, leaving us breathlessly analyzing the role memory plays in defining who we are—and who others think we might be.

My Review:

When a woman shows up on Tony and Laura’s doorstep, they are at first, concerned. This woman clearly knows the layout of their house, which is a unique old home dating back 100 years. They immediately believe her that she must have lived in the house at some point and try to help her figure out who she is.

That is until Laura walks her to the clinic and discovers who she may be–a woman by the name of Jemma who murdered her best friend ten years before during a similar bought of amnesia. Suddenly, the sweet, harmless 30-something woman with no memory of who she is or where she comes from becomes slightly more threatening.

Monroe spins an intriguing tale with a diverse set of richly drawn characters. He deftly keeps the reader guessing up until the last couple pages of the book. The setting, a small village, just a stop on the train, is also charming and adds a subdued tone to the book.

I would recommend The Last Thing She Remembers to fans of Lisa Jewell and fans of the book, The Chalk Man, it totally reminded me of that one! I enjoyed the book and would have ranked it slightly higher if I didn’t get slightly confused by all the theories and names floating around in the latter part of the book.

I know one thing for sure–I will never look at sea horses the same again. Now you have to read it to figure that one out!

Special thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin for an e-galley in exchange for my honest review. This one releases May 28, 2019. Get your copy:


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