The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene, 4 Stars

By the time you read this review, I will be finished with my Christmas shopping!!!! I hope. Because right now it’s November and instead of starting it or thinking of it, I spent the afternoon reading The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene. Wow, another author I was blown away by and then realized after I finished the book that he has several titles under his belt already.

I’m totally not the only one who loved this book. Check out what some of the trades said about The Perfect Liar.

“Keeps readers riveted. . .This novel creates a slow burn with not one but two shocking climaxes.” – Library Journal

“[A]n absorbing mystery about who is predator and who is prey.” – Booklist

That’s one of the things I just love about books. You can uncover treasure troves of books by an author you have just recently discovered. And you can consume them quickly because they are just sitting on the library shelves like Corduroy at the department store, just waiting to go home with an eager reader. And finding your next amazing book is easy for a little while. A very short while. Until you’ve read all the books and it’s time to either wait for one of your favorites to release a new book or find another author who has also alluded you up until this point.

The worst part? These mysterious authors are never easy to find. Actually, you pretty much only find one when you aren’t looking. Hence why it is necessary to read 75+ books a year.

Reading, as Dickens would say,  “it’s the best of times and the worst of times.”

From the Publisher:

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