Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker, 4 Stars

Last week I reached my Goodreads reading challenge goal of 75 books! Since then I’ve read a bonus book and I’m hoping to make it to 80 books by the strike of midnight on December 31!

I suppose its silly to set a reading goal. I’m going to read no matter what and sometimes I get in a slump and hardly read and sometimes I go through 5 books in a week. Maybe I like the goal because it helps me to feel like all the hours I spend with my head in a book are accomplishing something tangible. And it keeps me always on the hunt for my new favorite book. But I have no idea what to set my goal at for next year.

How many books did you read in 2017?

This latest one, Emma in the Night actually isn’t the latest one. I read it a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! But I’ve been so wrapped up in the holiday bustle (seriously, it’s like a part-time job this time of year), I forgot to review it. And I couldn’t believe it. I had to go back and check my blog to make sure I hadn’t yet reviewed it. Because this one deserves some love!

From the Publisher

From the bestselling author of All Is Not Forgotten comes a thriller about two missing sisters, a twisted family, and what happens when one girl comes back…

One night three years ago, the Tanner sisters disappeared: fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma. Three years later, Cass returns, without her sister Emma. Her story is one of kidnapping and betrayal, of a mysterious island where the two were held. But to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter, something doesn’t add up. Looking deep within this dysfunctional family Dr. Winter uncovers a life where boundaries were violated and a narcissistic parent held sway. And where one sister’s return might just be the beginning of the crime.

My Review:

This book was so good, probably one of my top books of the year. It tells the story of Cass and Emma’s disappearance. Cass, the main character is a bit of an underdog. It becomes apparent early on that she lives in her sister’s shadow a bit, never measuring up in beauty or in her mother’s eyes. When both sisters abruptly go missing, the story really starts moving.

When Cass returns, she reveals an incredible story from the past three years. I don’t want to give much away, but I will say as the reader you find yourself seriously questioning the details of the story and it’s validity for a good chunk of the book. I kept changing my mind!

The story unfolds from two perspectives, that of Dr. Abby Winter, who is a psychologist working with Cass upon her return and that of Cass herself as she transitions back into her old life, now three years older and still missing her big sister Emma, an essential piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

The normal twists and turns and aha moments were there–as are there with any good suspense novel. But I think what really set this one apart is that in addition to all that, the book is also incredibly written. So it’s a literary novel, contemporary fiction and suspense all wrapped up into one delicious page-turning package.

I give this one four stars–which is one of the higher rankings I give. Definitely check this one out!

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