Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison

J.T. Ellison is a prolific writer. She has written 17 books, most of which are psychological thriller series books. I haven’t read her series work, but I fell in love with her writing when I picked up No One Knows last year. I loved that book. It’s definitely in my top 5 from 2016 and I think I read about 75 books last year. It’s haunting and tricky and I loved the characters.

The story follows Aubrey, whose husband Josh has been missing for five years. Of course, she is the prime suspect and as the story unravels, we learn that golden boy Josh was not exactly as golden as we thought. My purpose today is to review Lie to Me, but it doesn’t come out for another month. That gives you time to run to your local bookstore to pick up a copy of No One Knows first.

Now on to the main event.

From the Publisher:

Sutton and Ethan Montclair’s idyllic life is not as it appears. They seem made for each other, but the truth is ugly. Consumed by professional and personal betrayals and financial woes, the two both love and hate each other. As tensions mount, Sutton disappears, leaving behind a note saying not to look for her.

Ethan finds himself the target of vicious gossip as friends, family and the media speculate on what really happened to Sutton Montclair. As the police investigate, the lies the couple have been spinning for years quickly unravel. Is Ethan a killer? Is he being set up? Did Sutton hate him enough to kill the child she never wanted and then herself? The path to the answers is full of twists that will leave the reader breathless.

My Review:

This book started a little slow for me. Not with the plot details. The police had uncovered a body in the woods that had been there for about a week. It wasn’t pretty, and definitely intriguing. We also meet a mystery narrator who will appear again throughout the book. And for me, they remained a mystery almost all the way through.

No, what made the beginning slow for me is that I completely hated Ethan, the husband. And the description of Sutton, the missing wife, wasn’t much better. They were health nuts, a powerful, attractive couple. Successful writers with an amazing renovated old Victoria house. The type of people that seem dazzling at first glance, at least until you spend a whole lot of time with them. The picture J.T. Ellison drew of their lives sounded great on the surface, but it’s what is below the surface that really counts.

I do have to say that the book started a bit slow, but the pace quickly picked up.The funny thing is that as I got more into the book and began to learn why Ethan and Sutton seemed like awful people, it made them more human to me and I understood them and wanted to know their story. They had a baby, lost a baby and both had professional setbacks. And of course, we all have our pasts.

The title Lie to Me is extremely appropriate in this case. Many things are not what they seem on the surface and the reader is being lied to in this book. As the narrative continues, the truths come out one by one. The result is a deeply satisfying thriller. And I even liked the characters (just a little) by the end of the book.

I’d recommend this title to anyone who enjoyed The Silent Wife, Behind Closed Doors or The Couple Next Door.

Special thanks to Harlequin Books and Netgalley for providing an e-galley so that I could write this review.

Head on over to J.T. Ellison’s website to read the first three chapters! And don’t forget to preorder your copy for the September 5, 2017 release date.

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