Mary Kubica

Last night I was so excited to meet Mary Kubica, author of Every Last Lie (which I reviewed here), Pretty Baby,The Good Girl and Don’t You Cry. It was really nice to see her speak iMKn person. She seems like a very sweet and genuine person.

She talked a bit about her books and did a long Q&A, and I learned some really interesting things. Apparently she doesn’t outline. Which I love. Because I’ve never understood how you can know the end of the book before you even start. She admitted that many times, as she is writing the book and getting to know the characters she doesn’t know how it will end.

I also previously seemed to miss the fact that all her books have a backwards R on the cover, well except for Pretty Baby, which has an upside down A. It’s kind of her trademark. And I feel silly I never noticed.

Her story is really inspiring. She wrote The Good Girl over a five year period, was turned down by every single literary agent she sent it to. Then two years later, after she had moved on, one of those agents reached back out. Apparently she didn’t have decision making powers at the time, but had since been promoted and remembered the book from two years prior.

And now she writes a book a year! She also talked a bit about her next book. I won’t say much but readers won’t be disappointed. It comes out sometime next summer.

She also talked a bit about her favorite authors to read and mentioned The Breakdown by BA Paris, which releases today! I had the book on my Kindle from Netgalley and ran right home and started it. Wow! What an opening. So today my plans include teaching music to kiddos at VBS then rushing home to binge read suspense. Oh the  exciting double life I lead!

Have you read a book by Mary Kubica? What is your favorite?

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